By Ming & Mark On June 6th, 2012

Our appreciation goes out to Dawn Smith for submitting her Van Eno art entitled “Sisters”.
Dawn inherited this beautiful painting from her uncle’s estate.

Dimensions = 14 inches tall by 8 inches wide
Paper work shows the name of the piece as “Sisters” purchased at the Gingerbread Square Gallery in Key West, Fla 1985.

Aids Memorial Quilts

By Ming & Mark On June 6th, 2012

Found some memorial quilts online dedicated to Van:

Block #663

Block #962

Thank you Tony

By Ming & Mark On May 27th, 2012

Our appreciation goes out to Tony from NYC who sent us his collection of Van Eno art. Its wonderful to see such diversity in Van’s drawings.

The Frog

The Frog

Gallery on Greene

By Ming & Mark On May 27th, 2012

In mid September 2011, we paid a visit to Key West – Gallery on Greene.

We met the gallery director, Nance Frank, who presented more works on Van Eno. Thank you Nance for allowing us to post these wonderful paintings of Vans.

My Piggy

By Ming & Mark On April 2nd, 2009

Our thanks goes out to Rebecca for sending us her beautiful Van Eno painting.

This is Rebecca’s story:

In about 1985, I bought a painting at the local Lexington, Virginia  thrift store. I was about 14 at the time. It was $5 which was a lot  to me, but I loved it and always have.It is a wild boar under a  tree with mountains in the background.It is painted on wood with a  wooden border that is splattered with teal and rust colors.I never knew who painted it, but I have hung it in my room during High School, college, and every home I have lived in. So I actually held it under the light and made out a signature that runs vertically along the side in the darkest part of the painting.I got online and Googled VANENO and came across your site  for Van Eno.I knew immediately that the bold jewel toned pieces on my computer screen were done by the same artist as My Piggy (which I affectionately call it). However, it was the very first block, bold signature on your page about the ways Van Eno signed his name that left no doubt in my mind.

Thanks Rebecca for sharing your story! I loved it.  You had a great eye for good work as a young teenager. Van’s paintings are not widely circulated as collectors tend to hold on to them. I think collectors become fondly attached to Van’s work like an old friend.

Face Picture of Van Eno

By Ming & Mark On November 30th, 2008


Here is a face photograph of Van. Many Thanks to Brooks from KWAM ( who added this picture and a link to this site (check it out) and to Wesley Calvin. It has been over 20 years since I’ve seen Van’s face – though I did not know him well, I found him very focus and passionate with his artwork.

Cat Woman

By Ming & Mark On November 17th, 2008


This is an interesting painting. Thank you Gallery On Greene for sending this picture. At first I wasn’t sure if this was an Eno painting but then I noticed his recognizable signature on the upper right side – masked within the green color. Its not a favorite of mine but I don’t dislike it.

The painting is Wild – the flaming hair, the feather necklace, the leopard-skin wrap around her waist – and is that a nipple ring on her left breast? Also – for a woman, she’s very masculine = Big Biceps and pecs rather than breast.

So – what do you think??? What story do you see from this painting? please share!

Wood Nymph and Mammy

By Ming & Mark On October 26th, 2008

Wood Nymph – measure 24 x 20

Mammy – measure 24 x 20 (I’ve also seen it called Prickly Balls)

These 2 twin pictures were sent to me by Gallery on Greene – Thank you Nance. The 2 were for sale at $5,000 each. I believe one has already been sold.

The painting seems to be an earlier work of Van’s and already comes in a metallic frame. What attracts me to the pictures are the firey hair especially for Wood Nymph. It mirrors the firey shadow background.

What do you think of these twin pictures?

Saint George

By Ming & Mark On October 5th, 2008

This is one of a series of paintings submitted from Gallery on Greene. Thank You Nance! A fascinating painting of a muscular saint piercing a serpent or large snake. My eyes seem to gravitate on the muscular contours of the saint’s legs, calves and buttocks. As you ascend the striped lycra outfit – one can see the defined, muscular chest, shoulders and arms. Further up above the head – a halo. The character is a Saint. Kinda give you a sense of the type of man Van may have been attracted to.

Closeup – I could not find Van’s signature but I do recognize the fruited trees that are very common in many of Van’s recent works.

White Angel

By Ming & Mark On September 1st, 2008

Again – thank you Paul from Mexico for sharing this painting from his collection of Van Enos. This painting, Paul believe is called the White Angel, was created in 1984 (according to Van’s signature). And I agree with Paul’s assessment that it is very homoerotic. I like it. A winged muscle angel – full frontal. As you look at the picture, your eyes do descend to where the angel is focusing down on. His right hand is caressing his member. What a conversation piece this would be for Paul’s guests.

It has been known that Van had painted nude males with large phallases. I am a bit bewildered with the mass curly pubic that dominates the groin area. It is hard for me to decipher if this form of male is Van’s personal fantasy and attraction. Maybe in heaven, these are his angels.