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(2) Honey
Tue, 30 September 2008 23:16:30 +0000

Today would've been Van's 61st birthday.I met him while we were both students at Visual Arts in NYC. He was the real deal! His art at that early age was so advanced-I was in awe.I dropped out but never forgot my friend who looked like a young Paul McCartney! Thank you for the fun we had. Happy Birthday in Heaven,Van. Always-Honey Hamill

(1) Stephen Dalton
Sun, 7 September 2008 23:14:29 +0000

I just purchased a pair of signed Van Eno signed painted chairs. They are beautiful Pollack inspired, spattered painted with removable cushioned upholstery. They came from the estate of a gay psychiatrist who vacationed in Key West. I wonder if Eno painted much furniture? For insurance purposes, any idea of the value of two signed deco club chairs?