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By Ming & Mark On March 6th, 2013

OUT Magazine

It's time for Van Eno to have a renaissance

How exciting! Mark was interviewed by OUT Magazine to talk about his encounter with Van Eno back in Key West and about our website. The article was published Monday March 4, 2013.

Here is a snippet of the article:

If not the most well-liked of Key West’s 70s-era artists, Eno was one of the most prolific, churning out painting after painting after painting. And while most were in a playful, sardonic style, Eno also began experimenting with splatter art and larger installations, like a table that read “Good going Mayor Heyman,” a gift to Heyman on his birthday, which, luckily for Eno’s artistic vision, coincided with Ronald Reagan. Eno, like most HIV-positive men at the time, regarded Reagan as a traitor, and knew that silence equals death. The disease would become a central theme in his work and life up until his death in 1986. He was 39-years old.

Today most of the Eno’s works remain in private collections, though occasionally lucky collectors will find one of his hundreds of works at a flea markets or garage sale. But for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to own a piece, or to have seen the The Key West Art & Historical Society’s retrospective of Eno’s work last year, a former acquaintance of Eno’s, Mark and Mark’s partner, Ming, created a website dedicated to Van Eno’s works. Link

Oh FYI, the featured painting used for this article hangs in our dining room wall.

Van Eno

By Ming & Mark On June 9th, 2012

Thank you Tony of NYC for sharing your personal pics of Van.

1977 Exhibition

By Ming & Mark On June 6th, 2012


Thank you Tony from NYC for sending us your Van Eno memorabilias and sharing your memory about Van:

Van was a good friend of mine. He actually was my roommate for 6 months and visited me often. I love his work and have some of his paintings in storage. I still miss him . He was a true artist and it was a lost to world when he passed.

Face Picture of Van Eno

By Ming & Mark On November 30th, 2008


Here is a face photograph of Van. Many Thanks to Brooks from KWAM ( who added this picture and a link to this site (check it out) and to Wesley Calvin. It has been over 20 years since I’ve seen Van’s face – though I did not know him well, I found him very focus and passionate with his artwork.

Stage Designer

By Ming & Mark On August 21st, 2008

In November of 1982, Van was recognized as the Stage Designer for the show Godspell (at the Waterfront Playhouse). This piece of memorabilia was forwarded to me (again) by Nance from the Gallery on Greene.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much information about these pieces. The owner of these memorabilias wish to remain private and I respect that. Thank you for providing these to the Gallery.

Here’s another:

Claire Restaurant on Duvall Street. I remember Claire’s. I use to bartend and waiter for that restaurant. It was own by Marvin Paige (he is the one who coined Hamburger Mary’s famous on the east coast).

Van’s Signature

By Ming & Mark On August 11th, 2008

I’m not a Forensic Handwriting Expert nor will I profess to be one – but what is that professional license called? An ABFDE (the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners) Certified Professional.

I cropped out Van’s signatures from all the pictures I have (or were sent to me) that was legible. I just wanted to compare and see if there were any hint of similarities or continuity in each of the signed paintings. After seeing them – my novice eye says no but who am I to say what is what?! It is the artistic license for any painter to sign his art however he/she wants. They can differ from painting to painting.

I have notice a style of art differs from Van’s earlier work to the latter years before he died. Most of Van’s paintings dated 85 – 86 are the ones I admire the most. The paintings are much more vibrant and rich in colors. They are bright and upbeat. Therefore – I may be able to tell Van’s work from his latter years.

Anyway, here are the signatures I cropped. If you can make heads or tails out of them, please share.

Abstract Expressionist

By Ming & Mark On August 3rd, 2008

Front Cover

Back Cover

The owner of Gallery on Greene sent me more information about Van Eno. In early 2007, she met someone who had a scrapbook memorabilia of Van Eno. The book cover (measuring 24 x 18) is done as an abstract expressionist painting very similar to Jackson Pollock. This style of drawing and colors are evident in many of Van’s painted frames.

It would be wonderful if the owner of that scrapbook can comment on his/her collection. I would love to hear your story!

A Poem By Van

By Ming & Mark On July 12th, 2008

Van was not only an artist but a Poet!

Thank you Gallery on Greene for submitting this picture for this site. And thank you to the person who has a scrapbook of Van Eno memorabilias and showed them to the owner at the Gallery.

Van Eno Inspired Other Artists

By Ming & Mark On July 11th, 2008

Here’s an article from the KEY WEST ART & HISTORICAL SOCIETY talking about another local Key West artist Jack Baron.

Jack Baron didn’t begin painting until 1977 when Burton (his partner) gave him a set of acrylic paints for his birthday. After the couple moved to Key West (in 1979), Baron painted in the back room of Carrie’s Notions where friends often gathered to chat. Baron’s impish humor wove through his conversation in much the same way it weaves through his work. One such visitor, Key West artist Bob Franke discovered him there and delighted by his style, encouraged him to continue painting. Also of great inspiration was local artist Van Eno whose intricate whimsical works were much admired by Baron. Still, Baron’s paintings might have remained in the homes of friends had not Marion Stevens, a patron of Haitian art walked through the door of Carrie’s Notions and instantly recognized the work of a true folk artist.

Link to the Page

The goal of the KWAH Society is to collect, preserve and present Key West’s history, since 1949.