Cat Woman

By Ming & Mark On November 17th, 2008


This is an interesting painting. Thank you Gallery On Greene for sending this picture. At first I wasn’t sure if this was an Eno painting but then I noticed his recognizable signature on the upper right side – masked within the green color. Its not a favorite of mine but I don’t dislike it.

The painting is Wild – the flaming hair, the feather necklace, the leopard-skin wrap around her waist – and is that a nipple ring on her left breast? Also – for a woman, she’s very masculine = Big Biceps and pecs rather than breast.

So – what do you think??? What story do you see from this painting? please share!

Wood Nymph and Mammy

By Ming & Mark On October 26th, 2008

Wood Nymph – measure 24 x 20

Mammy – measure 24 x 20 (I’ve also seen it called Prickly Balls)

These 2 twin pictures were sent to me by Gallery on Greene – Thank you Nance. The 2 were for sale at $5,000 each. I believe one has already been sold.

The painting seems to be an earlier work of Van’s and already comes in a metallic frame. What attracts me to the pictures are the firey hair especially for Wood Nymph. It mirrors the firey shadow background.

What do you think of these twin pictures?

Saint George

By Ming & Mark On October 5th, 2008

This is one of a series of paintings submitted from Gallery on Greene. Thank You Nance! A fascinating painting of a muscular saint piercing a serpent or large snake. My eyes seem to gravitate on the muscular contours of the saint’s legs, calves and buttocks. As you ascend the striped lycra outfit – one can see the defined, muscular chest, shoulders and arms. Further up above the head – a halo. The character is a Saint. Kinda give you a sense of the type of man Van may have been attracted to.

Closeup – I could not find Van’s signature but I do recognize the fruited trees that are very common in many of Van’s recent works.

White Angel

By Ming & Mark On September 1st, 2008

Again – thank you Paul from Mexico for sharing this painting from his collection of Van Enos. This painting, Paul believe is called the White Angel, was created in 1984 (according to Van’s signature). And I agree with Paul’s assessment that it is very homoerotic. I like it. A winged muscle angel – full frontal. As you look at the picture, your eyes do descend to where the angel is focusing down on. His right hand is caressing his member. What a conversation piece this would be for Paul’s guests.

It has been known that Van had painted nude males with large phallases. I am a bit bewildered with the mass curly pubic that dominates the groin area. It is hard for me to decipher if this form of male is Van’s personal fantasy and attraction. Maybe in heaven, these are his angels.

The Archer

By Ming & Mark On August 21st, 2008

I love this Painting! Immensely rich with color and reminiscent of a Fairy Tale. I’m encaptivated by how the focal piece – the archer, is enveloped by dense vegetation. It captures some sillyness with the archer’s hip-stance and the tiny bow. Love it!

Thank you Nance from the Gallery on Greene (Key West Florida) for contributing this picture. Since 2006, Nance has been a wonderful support in my efforts to communicate about the life and share the art of Van Eno. She too is a fan.

Checkout her Gallery on Greene Street in the Historic Seaport of Key West. The Gallery is a leader in the field of representational fine art, paintings, photographs, reproductions and sculptures from Key West & The Florida Keys.

Tarot Card

By Ming & Mark On August 11th, 2008

Here’s another beautiful painting Paul From Mexico has in his collection. It is called Tarot Card. The one amazing part of this painting I notice is the dot-painted frame. It has that abstract Jackson Pollack look and feel. This painting portrays some mystical elements. The bearded man and staff may have some religious embrace.

I always wonder what Van’s inspiration was originated in his paintings? I’ve seen his works embracing the zodiac signs and other mystical appeals. It seems to have some affiliation with the occults. But I do love the rich and vibrant colors on the robe.

Pencil Sketch

By Ming & Mark On August 3rd, 2008

Our thanks again goes out to Paul from Mexico for this beautiful Van Eno sketch he owns. My impression of the drawing is that it displays a sensual woman posing in elegance.

Thanks Paul.

Fashion Lady With Pearls

By Ming & Mark On July 24th, 2008

Signed and Dated 1985.

Thank you Paul from Merida Yucatan Mexico for contributing this beautiful picture from his collection of Van Enos. One look, I immediately recognize the woman similar to the painting I own. In both paintings, the women are wearing the similar wavy blue/yellow outfit with Van’s signature fruit-bearing trees in the background.

However, my guess is that the 2 women may not be of the same inspiration. This one has the model diva pose, the long pearl jewelry, the large rose worn at the waist and the red fingernail polish showing high fashion and esteem. It is very elegant. My painting depicts restful simplicity, laid back state – with the focus on the hair.

Thanks Paul for Sharing!


By Ming & Mark On July 20th, 2008

This painting measures 36 x 10. Van has been known to paint his art representative of the Zodiac Signs. This beautiful piece is for Sale at the Gallery on Greene in Key West Florida. I notice his signature red fruit that appears in most of his latter paintings before he died.

I don’t have any information about this painting except that it seems rare for Van to paint such an unusual dimension. I have heard that Van painted large canvases – after he completes and examines his work, any section that he was not happy with, he would cut out. This may just be one of those piece.

If you like more information – you may contact the Gallery on Greene directly.

Gallery On Greene
606 Greene Street
Key West, FL 33040

Open 10-6 daily

Pencil Drawings

By Ming & Mark On June 30th, 2008

Back when I was in Key West, Frank gave me two pencil sketches on paper signed by Van Eno. I have no information about these drawings. Perhaps these were an initial rough draft for a painting.

Again I have no information about this sketching above except that it was signed and dated in 1982. It appears to be 3 robust women (or men) in long stylish whimsical clothing that depicts many of Van’s drawings of outfits. There was a small memoriam notice in the paper 20 years ago: “Van Eno, noted painter passed away. September 14th, 1986.”

If there are any paintings that exist out there that resembles the above 2 sketches – I would so much love to see a picture of it. Please email me at