Treehouse on Nassau Lane

By Ming & Mark On June 6th, 2012

In mid-September 2011, we visited Key West, FL.
It was my first visit to this southernmost point but a sweet reunion for Mark after 20 some years.

According to Mark, much of the businesses and architecture has changed since he was here. The loud roosters on Duvall Street are still there. However, the Gingerbread Gallery had moved to another location. I was happy to visit the Gallery On Greene and meet the director, Nance Frank.

I urged Mark to show me his old stomping grounds, especially the “treehouse” apartment he lived in.

Here is the Treehouse on Nassau Lane.

At different times, both Van & Mark lived on the 2nd story deck of this house overlooking a large breadfruit tree!

It was a nice trip down memory lane for Mark.

We are M&M

By Ming & Mark On August 22nd, 2008

Hi there! We are M&M (Ming & Mark) – owners and bloggers of this site. We met each other 9 years ago (in 1999) in a city card and book shop. We were both shopping for birthday cards at the time. Our eyes met, we smiled and in less than 24 hours, we had our first dinner date. Our initial dating relationship had our twist and turns, but in 2000, we reunited and this time it stuck. We exchanged our vows and rings in 2004.

We moved in together in 2001 and that is when Mark introduced me to his small collection of Van Eno’s art. We hung up his one favorite piece “Only Her Hairdresser Knows” in our living room – and still to this day, it graces the wall of our living room (we bought a new home together last year in 2007 – and right away, we knew where to hang this one painting).

I began to appreciate Van’s art as I got to learn about the man behind the paintings. Mark had shared with me many stories about his years down in Key West and meeting the artist. It was fascinating to hear about the apartment Mark lived in that was formerly occupied by the Artist himself.

Together, Mark and I started this website in hopes to connect and communicate with other collectors and fans of Van Eno. I hope this site will make Van (along with his family and friends) proud!

Thank You Digital Realmz Consulting

By Ming & Mark On July 9th, 2008

This was the original homepage look of the website.

This website was created back in the Fall of 2006. At the time, I wanted the domain but it was unavailable (or being squatted). But as I thought about what this site would be – a dot net seemed more appropriate (and it was available). I first created this site using Microsoft Frontpage (screenshot picture above) – and I, being a newbie webdesigner basically learned the design by trial and error. I grabbed some clipart pictures that I found on the internet and a few animations (ie. gifs) and placed them on the site. Typed my story and Done! It was a raw site but I got it together. Got a cheap host (only paid $30 a year) to launch it onto the WWW.

After it was complete – I was proud of myself at the result. It wasn’t perfect but hey, it was a live website that I built all by myself. And of course, the purpose of this site was to introduce the world of this brilliant but unknown Artist from Key West.

Since the hosting plan I chose was cheap – it only supported a static site. Nothing dynamic can be done. No one can comment nor fill out a guestbook. I didn’t know anything about web scripting, asp, php nor cms. I didn’t even know what HTML was.

So now comes 2008 and had invested into a one year web design certification program – and bam, now I know what I want to do. With the help of Digital Realmz Consulting, I was able to convert this static site into a blog (using wordpress). Goodbye MS Frontpage – Hello Dreamweaver!

I still need to add and modify some plugins but overall, I am happy with this site. And in the last 2 years, few people had sent me photos and stories of their Van Enos. Happy to see there is an interest in this Artist.

I hope I have done good for the memory of Van Eno. His name and his art are immortalize in the WWW. I hope to network with other collectors and those who know him so that we can all share and know the Man and his Art.