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By Ming & Mark On March 6th, 2013

OUT Magazine

It's time for Van Eno to have a renaissance

How exciting! Mark was interviewed by OUT Magazine to talk about his encounter with Van Eno back in Key West and about our website. The article was published Monday March 4, 2013.

Here is a snippet of the article:

If not the most well-liked of Key West’s 70s-era artists, Eno was one of the most prolific, churning out painting after painting after painting. And while most were in a playful, sardonic style, Eno also began experimenting with splatter art and larger installations, like a table that read “Good going Mayor Heyman,” a gift to Heyman on his birthday, which, luckily for Eno’s artistic vision, coincided with Ronald Reagan. Eno, like most HIV-positive men at the time, regarded Reagan as a traitor, and knew that silence equals death. The disease would become a central theme in his work and life up until his death in 1986. He was 39-years old.

Today most of the Eno’s works remain in private collections, though occasionally lucky collectors will find one of his hundreds of works at a flea markets or garage sale. But for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to own a piece, or to have seen the The Key West Art & Historical Society’s retrospective of Eno’s work last year, a former acquaintance of Eno’s, Mark and Mark’s partner, Ming, created a website dedicated to Van Eno’s works. Link

Oh FYI, the featured painting used for this article hangs in our dining room wall.

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