Treehouse on Nassau Lane

By Ming & Mark On June 6th, 2012

In mid-September 2011, we visited Key West, FL.
It was my first visit to this southernmost point but a sweet reunion for Mark after 20 some years.

According to Mark, much of the businesses and architecture has changed since he was here. The loud roosters on Duvall Street are still there. However, the Gingerbread Gallery had moved to another location. I was happy to visit the Gallery On Greene and meet the director, Nance Frank.

I urged Mark to show me his old stomping grounds, especially the “treehouse” apartment he lived in.

Here is the Treehouse on Nassau Lane.

At different times, both Van & Mark lived on the 2nd story deck of this house overlooking a large breadfruit tree!

It was a nice trip down memory lane for Mark.

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