The Nine Muses

By Ming & Mark On June 6th, 2012

Our appreciation goes out to John N. for his Van Eno painting.

This is John’s story:

The Van Eno painting I have, THE NINE MUSES, (3’6” x 5’6”) was a gift from my Uncle Chuck. My Uncle spent the last year of Van Enos life with him. Taking care of him while his life was taken from him by aids complications. I spent many days with my Uncle during his last years while he also fought complications. His home was full of Van Eno’s paintings. Gifts from Van for the tireless care, love and companionship given during those last months. According to my Uncle Chuck, Van during his last years painted 12 saying that they where to all be used to assist in the financial needs for those also suffering from aids complications.
Some went out to persons in the San Francisco area, while most of the paintings where passed to the Gentleman who took such great care of my Uncle during his last month’s. I would love to see all those paintings again. Always wondered what happened to all of them

Thank you so much John!

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  1. Happy to share “Pussy Cat” circa @ 1976 Key West and the Caribbean. Curious to know if anyone still cares for these spectacular paintings. Nancy

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