My Piggy

By Ming & Mark On April 2nd, 2009

Our thanks goes out to Rebecca for sending us her beautiful Van Eno painting.

This is Rebecca’s story:

In about 1985, I bought a painting at the local Lexington, Virginia  thrift store. I was about 14 at the time. It was $5 which was a lot  to me, but I loved it and always have.It is a wild boar under a  tree with mountains in the background.It is painted on wood with a  wooden border that is splattered with teal and rust colors.I never knew who painted it, but I have hung it in my room during High School, college, and every home I have lived in. So I actually held it under the light and made out a signature that runs vertically along the side in the darkest part of the painting.I got online and Googled VANENO and came across your site  for Van Eno.I knew immediately that the bold jewel toned pieces on my computer screen were done by the same artist as My Piggy (which I affectionately call it). However, it was the very first block, bold signature on your page about the ways Van Eno signed his name that left no doubt in my mind.

Thanks Rebecca for sharing your story! I loved it.  You had a great eye for good work as a young teenager. Van’s paintings are not widely circulated as collectors tend to hold on to them. I think collectors become fondly attached to Van’s work like an old friend.

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