Face Picture of Van Eno

By Ming & Mark On November 30th, 2008


Here is a face photograph of Van. Many Thanks to Brooks from KWAM (keywestaids.org) who added this picture and a link to this site (check it out) and to Wesley Calvin. It has been over 20 years since I’ve seen Van’s face – though I did not know him well, I found him very focus and passionate with his artwork.

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  1. i just came back from key west were the city of key west has created an exhibition on van eno artworks at the custom house. it runs thru feb 16th 2012. so i urge everyone to see it. about 30 paintings and drawings. just a great show. i wish they had made a catalogue of the show. these paintings may never be together again. wish they would post them on your site. paul

  2. I have known van for many years.we actually lived together on one of his nyc trips for 6 months.I have a great many paintings that van for me.He said if I wanted or needed money I could contact the key west art gallery but I can not them go.I loved him as a dear talented friend.His mom wrote me about his death a short while after he visited me.truly a great loss.He told one of his paintings was stolen when one of his clients was robbed.he said now I am famous.lol

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