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By Ming & Mark On August 22nd, 2008

Hi there! We are M&M (Ming & Mark) – owners and bloggers of this site. We met each other 9 years ago (in 1999) in a city card and book shop. We were both shopping for birthday cards at the time. Our eyes met, we smiled and in less than 24 hours, we had our first dinner date. Our initial dating relationship had our twist and turns, but in 2000, we reunited and this time it stuck. We exchanged our vows and rings in 2004.

We moved in together in 2001 and that is when Mark introduced me to his small collection of Van Eno’s art. We hung up his one favorite piece “Only Her Hairdresser Knows” in our living room – and still to this day, it graces the wall of our living room (we bought a new home together last year in 2007 – and right away, we knew where to hang this one painting).

I began to appreciate Van’s art as I got to learn about the man behind the paintings. Mark had shared with me many stories about his years down in Key West and meeting the artist. It was fascinating to hear about the apartment Mark lived in that was formerly occupied by the Artist himself.

Together, Mark and I started this website in hopes to connect and communicate with other collectors and fans of Van Eno. I hope this site will make Van (along with his family and friends) proud!

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  1. We currently own the picture “sisters” that is posted on your site and will be selling it. If you know of anyone interested please contact us at harmony3@optonline.net. Thank you
    Dawn smith

  2. Well you can be proud. I get a bit confused when there are multiple sites, but hurray for your diligence to maintain a website to appreciate Van Eno. I own a trompe l’oeil painting of Van Eno, “Pussy Cat”, @ 1976. I acquired this in Key West thru Richard Heyman’s Gingerbread Gallery. Glad to talk about a magical time in Key West. nancy

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