Thank You Digital Realmz Consulting

By Ming & Mark On July 9th, 2008

This was the original homepage look of the website.

This website was created back in the Fall of 2006. At the time, I wanted the domain but it was unavailable (or being squatted). But as I thought about what this site would be – a dot net seemed more appropriate (and it was available). I first created this site using Microsoft Frontpage (screenshot picture above) – and I, being a newbie webdesigner basically learned the design by trial and error. I grabbed some clipart pictures that I found on the internet and a few animations (ie. gifs) and placed them on the site. Typed my story and Done! It was a raw site but I got it together. Got a cheap host (only paid $30 a year) to launch it onto the WWW.

After it was complete – I was proud of myself at the result. It wasn’t perfect but hey, it was a live website that I built all by myself. And of course, the purpose of this site was to introduce the world of this brilliant but unknown Artist from Key West.

Since the hosting plan I chose was cheap – it only supported a static site. Nothing dynamic can be done. No one can comment nor fill out a guestbook. I didn’t know anything about web scripting, asp, php nor cms. I didn’t even know what HTML was.

So now comes 2008 and had invested into a one year web design certification program – and bam, now I know what I want to do. With the help of Digital Realmz Consulting, I was able to convert this static site into a blog (using wordpress). Goodbye MS Frontpage – Hello Dreamweaver!

I still need to add and modify some plugins but overall, I am happy with this site. And in the last 2 years, few people had sent me photos and stories of their Van Enos. Happy to see there is an interest in this Artist.

I hope I have done good for the memory of Van Eno. His name and his art are immortalize in the WWW. I hope to network with other collectors and those who know him so that we can all share and know the Man and his Art.

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