Only Her Hairdresser Knows!

By Ming & Mark On June 28th, 2008

Only Her Hairdresser Knows!

Frank and I were having Mimosas at La Te Da on Duval Street. Earlier that day, I just gave my partner a lecture about curbing his spending. After a few Mimosas, Frank says that “Van is having a showing at the Gingerbread Gallery and that we should go take a look.” At the gallery, I came across this painting and went into an immediate aesthetic arrest. I wasn’t able to move and quickly fell in love with it. I gave Richard Heyman (the gallery owner and mayor of Key West at the time) $100 as a down payment to hold the painting. It took a year to the day I gave my first deposit to finally paid it all off.
After Van Eno’s death, the East Martelo Museum did a retrospective showing to honor the artist. I was in the gallery to purposely make another payment when Richard Heyman informed me about this showing and that this painting will be hanging in the show. When I attended the show, it was then I realized that this painting graced the cover of the brochure. It was also the featured painting in the show being the very first and prominently presented as you entered the museum. This painting is dated 1986.

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